Pull rope

Resistance band

Resistance band

Colour size weight
Green 600*500.35mm Rally value 5-10lb
Blue 600*50*0.5mm Rally value10-15lb
Yellow 600*50*0.7mm Rally value 15-20lb
Red 600*50*0.9mm Rally value 25-30lb
Black 600*50*1.1mm Rally value30-40lb
Hop-pocket size 13*17CM  
Hop-pocket texture 420D  
Texture Emulsion  
Net weight

130g / set(hop-pocket bags)



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Product Details

Resistance band advantages

1. Soft, strong resilience, abrasion resistance, good comprehensive performance, not easy to age, not easy to crack, flexible, not easy to deform, can be used for fitness, sports, yoga exercises, has the effect of slimming and shaping, suitable for indoor and outdoor age Layer of the masses.

2. It has good resilience, and can easily cooperate with the movements in yoga training to achieve better plasticity.

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