What are the ways to use fitness bands?


1. Wrap the fitness band around the four fingers of you […]

1. Wrap the fitness band around the four fingers of your palm for 1-2 weeks, adjust it with your thumb, keeping the two ends consistent.
2. Stand with your feet parallel, hold the fitness belt tightly with both hands, wrap the elastic belt under the soles of your feet, slowly pull it upwards on both sides, and then slowly restore the original state.
3. Stand with your feet apart, with your hands perpendicular to your sides, hold one end of the exercise belt handle, and the other end under the bottom of your feet. With your arms straight, pull up the exercise belt directly above your body and repeat the action.
4. The feet are shoulder-width apart, your hands are placed on the front of your body, the fitness band goes around the top of the column and placed in your hands, the elbow joint is bent while pulling the fitness band, slowly returning to the original state
5. Put the fitness band around your back under your body and start doing push-ups.

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