Precautions for yoga ball exercise and methods of cleaning yoga ball


1. Precautions for yoga ball exercise 1.1. When pumping […]

1. Precautions for yoga ball exercise
1.1. When pumping up the ball, hit "eight points full", so that the ball body is more flexible and convenient for pinching and grasping.
1.2. There are various sizes of yoga balls, beginners can use small balls first, which is more convenient to control. Generally speaking, a large ball is easier to maintain balance, and a small ball is lighter, but it is not easy to balance.
1.3. When playing yoga balls at home, you can lay a yoga mat or drape on the ground to keep it clean and not easy to slip.
1.4. Although yoga ball exercises are not easy to be injured, you should still keep your balance, especially for difficult movements such as wheel poses. You must hold it with your hands when restoring.
1.5. Pay attention to wearing when practicing fitness ball yoga. Try not to wear too loose clothing, so as to avoid the yoga ball squeezing the clothing, causing accidents and causing harm to the body.

2. How to clean the yoga ball
2.1. Due to the shape and model of the fitness ball, its storage has become a difficult problem in many gyms. One way is to blow the air directly after use and put it in the original ball box. Do not place it in a high temperature place.
2.2. Another method is to buy a net and then put the ball in the net. If it is a gym, the best way is to install a pole that is about 40cm away from the wall and balanced on the wall at a height that can be reached around the gym, so that putting the ball on it will not occupy the field.
2.3. When cleaning the fitness ball, use clean water or soapy water to clean the surface of the ball. Do not use chemical solvents. It will destroy the surface of the ball. For the comfort of the practitioner and for reasons of cleanliness, the ball should be cleaned regularly, because the surface of the ball is often in contact with the floor. In order to prolong the life of the ball, keep the room floor clean and remove sharp objects.

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