How to choose a resistance band?


There are many types of resistance bands that can be us […]

There are many types of resistance bands that can be used for strength training, stretching or rehabilitation.
Therefore, your fitness goals will determine which resistance band is best for you.



1. Stretching and treating flat resistance bands
Flat resistance band
The flat resistance band is the main tool for rehabilitation training and a popular physical therapy training tool.
The width of these flat resistance bands is usually about 120 cm long and 15 cm wide, without handles, open at both ends, and do not form a closed loop.
Application areas: rehabilitation, shaping, upper limb functional training, functional training.


2. Tubular resistance band with handle
Tubular resistance band with handle
The tubular resistance band is made of hard, high-density rubber, which is difficult to grasp. Therefore, they usually come with handles for ease of use.
Some tubular resistance bands may also have sports carabiner. These carabiner can be used as accessories and combined with various shapes of handles. This feature makes the fastener elastic band the choice of many professionals and enthusiasts.
Applicable fields: rehabilitation, shaping, strength exercises, functional training, and various levels of resistance, which can meet the fitness needs of all levels.


3. Annular resistance band
The endless belt is connected in a complete circle like a large rubber band.
Annular resistance band
According to the length and thickness of the endless belt, it is divided into two types: regular size and mini belt. Both loop belt options are suitable for lower body exercises.
Applicable fields: rehabilitation, lower limb training, strength exercise auxiliary training (for example, play an auxiliary role in advanced pull-up training), functional training.
Regular-size loop belt: Regular-size loop belt is suitable for upper and lower body exercises. About 120cm long, they can help you with chest exercises, pull-ups and more.
Mini belt: The impedance of the mini belt is smaller than the traditional ring frequency band. And the size is very small, you can put it in your pocket. They are ideal tools for hip exercises. The mini belt is very suitable for increasing the ability to resist weight movement. Mini belts can also help muscles stay active during high repetitive movements, such as the hip bridge.

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